Minutes of June 11th SOSO Meeting

Meeting was held at Bosler Library, 7:00pm

Attending were:
Whitney Amato, President

Connie Bires, Co-President

Ann Sheehan, Co-president

Stephen Hughes, Membership Secretary

Janet Spahr, Recording Secretary

Matt Yanos

Gay Walker

Dawn Flower, Borough Councilwoman

Robin Guido, Borough Councilwoman

Katherine McFarland

John Rogers

Susan Rogers

Annie Oiler

Lisa Brousse

Minutes from May meeting were approved.

Whitney read an update from our treasurer, Antonia Hyde. SOSO’s new account is now active at Orrstown Bank. A balance of funds was not given. The balance reported in our account on May 14th was $691.14.

Borough Councilwomen Robin Guido and Dawn Flower were special guests at the meeting. They have both served on council for 2 1/2 years.

Robin Guido is surprised at which issues become “hot bed” issues and which don’t. Mobil food vendors have been given trial permission to operate near warehouses.  They are still not permitted downtown.  

A developer is proposing a high density apartment complex behind Giant. Seven Gables park land will not be built upon. No drawings have been shown yet to council. A pavilion and recreation space is is reported to be included in this development plan. The developers will be presenting their plan to council after the planning commission approves their plan. It was noted that the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan is very basic and should be improved.   

Regarding the two largest sites available for development in the borough: The IAC site owners have been very open to hear what residents desire at their site. No decisions have been made as to how it will be developed. The Lear site is currently looking for a buyer/developer.

Dawn Flower chairs the Employee Relations and Community Participation  Committee.  She suggested that residents attend committee meetings in order to get in on discussions earlier than when issues come to vote at Council meetings.

The borough burning ordinance update was discussed. The police and codes officers now have more “teeth” in addressing complaints.  Flues and chimneys are required on all burning devices. Burning trash and leaves is still not permitted.

Tot Lot discussion:

The damaged shrubs and trees have been reported to police each of the 3 times since the new landscaping has been installed in the Tot Lot. Robin Guido is chair of the Park & Recreation Committee. Annie Oiler requested more signs in the park re: no smoking and dawn to dusk rules. Andrea Crouse from the Park & Rec. department said through an email to Annie that she is concerned about “over signage” but will check into it.  West Side neighbors are getting cameras from a community block grant. (They are eligible due to having a higher number of low income residents.)  Andrea Crouse wrote that a water fountain would be very expensive to add to the tot lot, but she gave no dollar amount. A small pavilion may be possible but we need to decide on the size we want. No one has volunteered to take charge of adding further amenities to the tot lot. It was suggested that a high school student might take on the building of the pavilion and we would only have to pay for materials. 

We now have a rain barrel (donated by Antonia) at the rear of a neighbor’s lot adjacent to the tot lot that is used for watering the plants.

It was suggested that Borough Council make public announcements that police are going to be more closely monitoring parks between dusk and dawn.  If fines are given more often for disregarding park rules, and citations published in the paper, it may discourage further similar incidents.

The Rental Ordinance discussion: 

The main weakness in the ordinance is that the Codes Department needs to push harder on enforcement. Council has recently given the Codes Dept. a directive to do so, hopefully improving quality of life in the borough.  The Rental Ordinance *has* resulted in improvements, according to Dawn & Robin. Councilwoman Linda Cicconello suggested at the last council meeting that residents make a list of problem properties and send it to her. Dawn & Robin suggested to send such lists to the Codes Dept., with Linda copied.  Issues such as high weeds, trash, structural deficiencies, over-occupancy, etc. should be reported to the Codes Dept. Report criminal issues to the police department.

There has been some non-compliance in property owners registering their properties/conforming to the Rental Ordinance. 16 properties have not registered and will be cited. A problem with the tenant/occupant reporting surfaced early: some tenants need to keep their address off of the borough’s public website. The borough has recognized that, keeping access to that information non-public. Landlords have been reporting their tenants names satisfactorily. 

Other discussion:

Property values continue to decline in Carlisle. The number of private homeowners is dropping compared to rental properties. 

Question as to whether “branding” the neighborhoods in the borough is a good idea. There has been talk of doing that by DCA but it has not been followed through. 

Neighborhood groups are invited to have a common booth at First Friday on August 1st. The booth would have representatives from each neighborhood, and passersby could be made aware of the groups and invited to join. Brenda Landis from West Side Neighbors is organizing it, and emails will be sent closer to the time to ask for volunteers to take turns at the booth. Glenn White may be helpful in planning a future 1st Friday that would have the theme of neighborhoods. 

Re: having a party with all the neighborhood groups on a Wed. in August: the other groups have not responded.

Stephen Hughes brought up a membership issue. Currently, there are two levels of membership: Assoc. membership, which is free.    Voting membership, which is $5.00.  There are some businesses within SOSO’s boundaries which might like to be members, but the owners do not live within SOSO boundaries. Perhaps a new membership level might be established: a Business Membership, where the member would not have voting membership but they could get monthly advertisements on our googlegroup emails by paying a membership fee.

The annual Neighborhood Block Party is still on for September 6th. Gay Walker is chairing, and Whitney Amato and Ann Sheehan volunteered to help organize. Expect emails with details closer to the time.

Contact Janet Spahr for additions and/or corrections to these minutes, please.

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Agenda June 11, 2014 Meeting

Agenda Wednesday, June 11, 2014 SoSo Meeting
at 7 PM in the Bosler Memorial Library Meeting Room B

This will probably be the last SoSo meeting until September, but it is a special one. We have invited the members of the Carlisle Borough Council to our meeting. Councilwomen Dawn Flower and Robin Guido have very kindly agreed to attend. They will give a brief overview of the role of borough council, and they will be available to answer questions from SoSo members. Please take advantage of this chance to get up close and personal with your local elected representatives.

Also on the agenda are a brief treasury update on the status of the SoSo bank account, a short follow-up discussion on our plans to meet up with our fellow neighborhood groups this summer, a discussion as the whether SoSo would like to gather and submit to council a list of “problem properties” in our neighborhood as was suggested by Councilwoman Linda Cecconello at the May 28th meeting on the status of the rental ordinance, and a brief discussion on business membership.

A good turn out would be greatly appreciated to demonstrate the strength of our organization and to provide a good welcome to our councilwomen.

-Whitney Amato, President of the South of South Street Neighborhood Association (SoSo)

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May Meeting Minutes, 5/14/14

Minutes of SOSO Meeting, MAY 14, 2014

Meeting was held at Bosler Library, 7pm

In attendance:

Whitney Amato, President

Ann Sheehan, Co-Vice President

Connie Biers, Co-Vice President

Antonia Hyde, Treasurer

Janet Spahr, Recording Secretary

Annie Oiler

Gay Walker

Matt Yanos

Police Officer Nina Klinger

Angie Smith

Michael Smith

John Smith


Minutes from the April 2014 meeting were approved.

Police report by Officer Klinger:

Biddle Mission and Heberlig-Palmer parks (in Carlisle) have been vandalized recently. Several thousand dollars worth of damage has occurred. The vandals have not been caught.

The man who was the suspected target for the February shooting on W. Pomfret St. will be released from prison soon. The suspected shooter is still in custody at Cumberland County Prison.

Treasurer’s report:

SOSO is in the process of getting a new account at Orrstown Bank as our treasurer prefers a bank which is closer to walk to. Our organization has gone by two names in the past:

South of South Street and South Of South Community Org. Antonia will be opening the new account under the name South Of South Community Org, as that is the name registered with the IRS.  Our current balance is $691.14.

Butcher Family Tot Lot report:

Remaining amount in the Tot Lot Account is $3,754.58.

SOSO’s designated tot lot money can stay in DCA for unlimited time, or we can move it to our SOSO account.

The motion was made and seconded to keep our tot lot money with the DCA. Discussion centered on the fact that if we move the money to our general bank account, it could be mistakenly used for a “non-tot lot” project. The motion was unanimously approved.

Watering the new plants needs to be continued throughout the summer. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are not yet covered by volunteers. Contact Annie Oiler if you are able to commit to helping or to be a back-up waterer if others are on vacation.

The survey about use of the tot lot will continue to be circulated as part of the Health & Wellness Foundation grant agreement. Annie Oiler will send an email reminding people of the deadline to respond. Everyone is encouraged to fill in the survey. Even if you don’t use the tot lot, saying positive things about it in the general comment area would be helpful.

It was stated that signs in the park re: rules need to be placed so that they are more easily seen. Annie will ask the park department if more signs could be placed, and if some signs that are already there could be moved to more prominent locations.

The following amenities have been suggested as additions to the tot lot: water fountain, ball wall, pavilion, notice board and rain barrels. At this point in time, no one has volunteered to head up researching any of the projects except rain barrels. An email has been sent by John Smith (an elementary school student) to Andrea Krouse about the feasibility of getting a water fountain installed somewhere on the tot lot property.

A newly planted tree was pulled out of the ground at the tot lot soon after being planted. Gay Walker discovered it and replanted it. There has been graffiti on the new picnic table. Officer Klinger suggested a photo of the graffiti be sent to the police.

General discussion:

The borough’s rental ordinance agreement will be reviewed by Borough Council on Wednesday, May 28th, at 7pm. Whitney will spread the word through a SOSO google email about the mtg. We are not sure if Council is reviewing it with the thought of tightening or loosening regulations of the ordinance.

The annual Block Party has been scheduled for Saturday, September 6th, 2014, in the tot lot. Gay Walker is chairing the committee to organize the event, and Ann Sheehan and Whitney Amato will help. More helpers are needed and welcome!

Clean up days discussed:

Antonia proposed that we have neighborhood clean up days on an as needed basis, not just 2 days per year. There has been less trash lately. It was agreed that emails can be sent to the group on an as needed basis, stating a date, time and meeting place. If neighbors aren’t available to join the group, they might at least be inspired to take some time to clean up trash in their immediate neighborhood.

Whitney will contact the other Carlisle neighborhood associations about having a combined summer meeting/social event. It was agreed that a Wednesday night would be a good choice for the event, as we will not be having July and August meetings, and our meeting nights and the East Side Neighbors usually meet on Wednesdays.

The SOSO neighborhood yard sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 24th. Stephen Hughes agreed to be the chairperson of the event, sending out an email to ask for rsvp’s of those interested in participating, and getting ads put in The Guide and Craigslist. It was agreed that there should be more than just one or two who are planning to participate before SOSO pays for the ads.

The next SOSO mtg. will be held on Wednesday, June 11th, 7pm, at Bosler Library.


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Agenda for Wednesday May 14, 2014 SoSo Meeting

The next SoSo meeting will be this Wednesday May 14, 2014 SoSo Meeting at the Bosler Library in meeting room B at 7pm.
-Approve Minutes from April 2014 meeting, which are available online
-Police report
-Butcher Family Tot Lot

  • Fund total
  • Discuss whether to keep our fund/account with the DCA
  • Remind members to complete the Tot Lot survey, which is required by the Carlisle Area Health & Wellness as part of the grant they awarded us, and distribute paper copies to hand out in the Tot Lot.
  • Review and recruit volunteers to sign up for the watering schedule. Discuss setting up a rain barrel to help with watering
  • Discuss using the Tot Lot to advertise SoSo events, including the feasibility of constructing a bulletin board for this purpose
  • Decide if anyone would like to take charge of planning a use for the leftover money. Suggestions thus far include a ball wall, a pavilion, a notice board and a water fountain.

-Decide if we would like to do a neighborhood spring clean-up this year
-Work on scheduling a social event to meet with other neighborhood groups in one of our parks this summer
-Planning of the neighborhood yard sale on Saturday May 24that 8AM, which members will have it on their own properties and SoSo will advertise and will coordinate the RSVPs
-Update on scheduling the Block Party which will be held in the Butcher Family Tot Lot preferably in August

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Butcher Family Tot Lot Follow-Up

Butcher Tot Lot Landscaping

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Saturday work day!  We didn’t have a lot of volunteers, but those who showed up worked hard. We removed a ton of large rocks (or small boulders?) to plant the two trees from Parks and Recreation.

Rocky Excavation

We also installed 2 flower beds: 1 near the Butcher Family Tot Lot sign on Chestnut Avenue, the other near the donor sign and planted arborvitaes at each entrance.

The play area recieved a fresh layer of mulch around the playground, and the swings, basketball hoop, and antique cheese climbing equipment were all either touched-up or completely repainted.

Flowerbed Arrangement

Andrea from Parks and Recreation has told us that Public Works will paint lines on the court and lower the fence in the park as well. So, if you haven’t checked out our newly beautified park, I strongly encourage you to do so. And if you see any of our hard working volunteers, please thank them as well.

Wheelbarrel of Mulch

A conditions of one of the grants we earned to help fund the park was that we conducted a survey to judge the outcome of our project. Please help us earn our grant by completing this very short survey about the Butcher Family Tot Lot:


Tree Planting

Butcher Tot Lot Landscaping

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Butcher Family Tot Lot Landscaping

We need your help this Saturday April 26th starting at 9 AM in the Butcher Family Tot Lot in order to beautify our park. We are planning on planting trees, installing plant beds, spreading mulch and painting the basketball pole as well as getting a second coat on the swing-sets.
Please bring your own gloves, shovels (regular and hand), rakes, wheel-barrels, and paint brushes. Unused Sunday Sentinel’s are also needed as weed mats. We will provide sandwiches and snacks, so if you are planning on coming, please let me know by Wednesday so I can get a rough head count to provide me with a better idea of how much food to get. We will also be signing up volunteers to water our new plantings the the spring and early summer, so bring your calendar and sign up!

Everyone is welcome, so please join us in the final stage of the Butcher Family Tot Lot Improvement Project.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

-Whitney Amato, President South of South Street Neighborhood Association

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April 2014 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of SOSO Meeting, April 9, 2014 at Bosler Library, 7pm.

Attending were: Matt Yanos, Gay Walker, Annie Oiler, Michael Blumenthal,                       Ann Sheehan – Co-Vice President, Janet Spahr – Recording Secretary

Minutes from March 2014 were approved.

No police report, as police representative did not attend the meeting.

No treasury report, as treasurer did not attend the meeting.

Annie Oiler gave an update on the Tot Lot Fund: $4,053.57.   She will get in contact with Glenn from the DCA to find out whether we can keep the remainder of the money (after the landscaping and picnic table is paid for) with the DCA or if it needs to be transferred to the SoSo account and designated for the Tot Lot.  She will report on this at the next meeting.

Butcher Tot Lot Work Day was discussed:

We are hoping for as much neighborhood volunteer help as possible for this work day, Saturday, April 26th. Reminders will be made through the SOSO google email. After the landscaping has been done, we will be asking for volunteers to water the plants during the month of July (every 3 days or so). Water will need to be brought by volunteers, as there is no water supply on location.

Liz Pagano is checking to see if YMCA youth group will be helping on the work day. If it is raining April 26th, it will be postponed to a later date (not chosen yet).

BJ Cashman is director of Park & Rec. Dept. and is going to help on the work day.

The previously existing concrete piece of play equipment was discussed. Its current location is temporary. We will ask if Andrea from Park & Rec. will determine if it is “legal” to put back in amongst the rest of the play equipment due to regulations of space between pieces of equipment. Motion made and seconded that if the old piece of play equipment/ “green cheese” can be located into the playground safely, we’ll keep it. If not, it will be donated to a neighbor. Unanimously approved.

The Borough’s Spring Clean Up date has not been determined, and there may not be one at all this spring. Motion was made and seconded to postpone a neighborhood cleanup for an indeterminate time, due to the fact that we are having the Tot Lot workday. Unanimously approved.

Discussion re: meeting with other neighborhood groups.

Northside group is currently working on the Heberlig Tot Lot renovation, and is busy for several months. Brenda Landis is the contact for that group. Curtis Hetrick is the Eastside group contact. Janet will look into contacting all groups to see if they are interested in a social gathering. It was generally agreed that a winter event would be desirable since the Northside is very involved with their current park project. Location not determined.

Discussion re: a SOSO neighborhood yard sale this spring:

Weekend of May 17th or May 24th has been suggested through the group email. Motion made and seconded to have a neighborhood yard sale on Saturday May 24th. Members will have it on their own properties, and SOSO will put an ad in the Guide and Craigslist, coordinating RSVP’s re: who is participating in order to advertise more effectively.  8am – to an unspecified end time.  Unanimously approved.

Block Party: date has not been confirmed. Agreed that it would be good to have it at the Tot Lot. A date cannot be confirmed until the band’s availability is known. Month of August is preferred.

Wish List for the tot lot:

Kick Wall: need someone to lead this project. Such an additional structure must be approved by SOSO, then by Park & Rec dept., then by Borough Council. We will not know how much money will be leftover until after the April 26th work day.   A pavilion was mentioned as another item wanted for the Tot Lot.

Outcome survey for the Tot Lot will be sent through SOSO email list and at the work day. This is required by Carlisle Area Health & Wellness as part of the grant they awarded us.

The Buzz Express store’s Zoning Board hearing outcome on April 3rd was discussed:

The store’s appeal of convenience store status was denied, and their request for zoning variance was denied, so that they may not move to the 111 S. Hanover St. location. It is thought that the store’s lease at the current location will not be renewed.

Copies of routes and fares information for the new CAT Bus “Circulator” were handed out. The program is to begin 4/28/14. It is understood that you may be able to “wave down” a bus if you are on a scheduled route and are standing on the same side of the street as the bus is heading.

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 8pm.

Update to minutes by recording secretary on 4/11/14:

Curtis Hetrick of Eastside Neighbors group was contacted, and he thinks it would be great to have a social in one of the parks during the summer. He will contact Brenda Landis, head of Northside and also bring it up with his Eastside group at their next mtg. I left a message on the Northside Neighbors’ facebook page.


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