April 2014 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of SOSO Meeting, April 9, 2014 at Bosler Library, 7pm.

Attending were: Matt Yanos, Gay Walker, Annie Oiler, Michael Blumenthal,                       Ann Sheehan – Co-Vice President, Janet Spahr – Recording Secretary

Minutes from March 2014 were approved.

No police report, as police representative did not attend the meeting.

No treasury report, as treasurer did not attend the meeting.

Annie Oiler gave an update on the Tot Lot Fund: $4,053.57.   She will get in contact with Glenn from the DCA to find out whether we can keep the remainder of the money (after the landscaping and picnic table is paid for) with the DCA or if it needs to be transferred to the SoSo account and designated for the Tot Lot.  She will report on this at the next meeting.

Butcher Tot Lot Work Day was discussed:

We are hoping for as much neighborhood volunteer help as possible for this work day, Saturday, April 26th. Reminders will be made through the SOSO google email. After the landscaping has been done, we will be asking for volunteers to water the plants during the month of July (every 3 days or so). Water will need to be brought by volunteers, as there is no water supply on location.

Liz Pagano is checking to see if YMCA youth group will be helping on the work day. If it is raining April 26th, it will be postponed to a later date (not chosen yet).

BJ Cashman is director of Park & Rec. Dept. and is going to help on the work day.

The previously existing concrete piece of play equipment was discussed. Its current location is temporary. We will ask if Andrea from Park & Rec. will determine if it is “legal” to put back in amongst the rest of the play equipment due to regulations of space between pieces of equipment. Motion made and seconded that if the old piece of play equipment/ “green cheese” can be located into the playground safely, we’ll keep it. If not, it will be donated to a neighbor. Unanimously approved.

The Borough’s Spring Clean Up date has not been determined, and there may not be one at all this spring. Motion was made and seconded to postpone a neighborhood cleanup for an indeterminate time, due to the fact that we are having the Tot Lot workday. Unanimously approved.

Discussion re: meeting with other neighborhood groups.

Northside group is currently working on the Heberlig Tot Lot renovation, and is busy for several months. Brenda Landis is the contact for that group. Curtis Hetrick is the Eastside group contact. Janet will look into contacting all groups to see if they are interested in a social gathering. It was generally agreed that a winter event would be desirable since the Northside is very involved with their current park project. Location not determined.

Discussion re: a SOSO neighborhood yard sale this spring:

Weekend of May 17th or May 24th has been suggested through the group email. Motion made and seconded to have a neighborhood yard sale on Saturday May 24th. Members will have it on their own properties, and SOSO will put an ad in the Guide and Craigslist, coordinating RSVP’s re: who is participating in order to advertise more effectively.  8am – to an unspecified end time.  Unanimously approved.

Block Party: date has not been confirmed. Agreed that it would be good to have it at the Tot Lot. A date cannot be confirmed until the band’s availability is known. Month of August is preferred.

Wish List for the tot lot:

Kick Wall: need someone to lead this project. Such an additional structure must be approved by SOSO, then by Park & Rec dept., then by Borough Council. We will not know how much money will be leftover until after the April 26th work day.   A pavilion was mentioned as another item wanted for the Tot Lot.

Outcome survey for the Tot Lot will be sent through SOSO email list and at the work day. This is required by Carlisle Area Health & Wellness as part of the grant they awarded us.

The Buzz Express store’s Zoning Board hearing outcome on April 3rd was discussed:

The store’s appeal of convenience store status was denied, and their request for zoning variance was denied, so that they may not move to the 111 S. Hanover St. location. It is thought that the store’s lease at the current location will not be renewed.

Copies of routes and fares information for the new CAT Bus “Circulator” were handed out. The program is to begin 4/28/14. It is understood that you may be able to “wave down” a bus if you are on a scheduled route and are standing on the same side of the street as the bus is heading.

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 8pm.

Update to minutes by recording secretary on 4/11/14:

Curtis Hetrick of Eastside Neighbors group was contacted, and he thinks it would be great to have a social in one of the parks during the summer. He will contact Brenda Landis, head of Northside and also bring it up with his Eastside group at their next mtg. I left a message on the Northside Neighbors’ facebook page.


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March 2014 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of SOSO Meeting, March 12, 2014
Meeting was held at Bosler library at 7pm.

Attending were:
Gay Walker, Carlisle Police Officer Nina Klinger and current SOSO officers:
President: Whitney Amato
Co-Vice Presidents: Connie Bires and Ann Sheehan
Recording Secretary: Janet Spahr
Membership Secretary: Stephen Hughes

The minutes from the February SOSO mtg. regarding new members & dues were amended by Janet Spahr to read as follows:
If you know someone who lives in the SOSO area who is not a member of SOSO but would like to be, you may collect their $5.00 dues “on the spot” and put it in Antonia’s mail slot at her home on 251 S. Pitt St. If they do not wish to be a voting member, just an “associate member”, no dues are needed. Simply email Stephen Hughes, shughes007@comcast.net with their name, email address and mailing address, so that he can include them on our member list.

Police report: The identity of the man who shot the woman going into the Buzz Express last month is now known, although he has not been apprehended as of yet. His accomplice was his brother. The man who was the intended target in the incident was arrested the night of the incident, which appears to have been drug related. The girlfriend of the shooter was arrested recently on drug related and forgery charges.

A comment was made to Officer Klinger that empty heroine bags are regularly found in bushes at the Walnut St. & School Ave. area. Residents are encouraged to report such things, as the police department may be able to increase patrols in such areas. Outside lights and video cameras may be a helpful investment by the property owner.

Officer Klinger reports that overall drug use has stayed at similar levels over the past several years, although the most common drug is now heroine, whereas it used to be crack cocaine.

The concern of abandoned shopping carts was raised. In one block between South and Walnut streets, for example, there are 6 carts. The stores where the carts are from have been called but have not picked them up. It was suggested that Mike Heyser of the borough codes dept. may have suggestions to deal with the problem.

The weekly free newspapers from the Sentinel which regularly litter our streets were discussed. As they are considered litter by so many people, it was suggested that we make our complaints known to the Sentinel. Here is a link to make comments to them online: https://cumberlink-dot-com.bloxcms.com/app/secure/subscriber_services/delivery_questions/

Antonia Hyde, the treasurer, emailed the latest treasure report prior to today’s meeting: our current balance is $691.14.

Annie Oiler sent in the report that our tot lot balance is $5,482.31.
There will be a meeting on Thursday, March 20th, at 4:15pm at the tot lot to discuss landscaping ideas. Any SOSO member is welcome to come to give input. One suggestion was that a pavilion be added. Another suggestion was for a “sports wall” to be added. Here is a link to sports wall info:


The discussion on whether to change the rules to allow additional on-line voting was next. Currently, if SoSo members wish to spend any money, the vote to do so has to occur on-line, but all other voting occurs with members present at meetings. After thorough discussion, there was no further change proposed. Members who regularly attend meetings would like more input from members who don’t attend meetings, but the majority felt that there is plenty of opportunity given to overall membership via email invitation, as Whitney sends reminders of the meeting and regularly invites additions to the agenda.
The date for the borough’s spring clean up day will be checked through the DCA.

Whitney will look into having a speaker at our April 9th meeting, which will be held at 7pm at the Bosler Library.

Minutes submitted by Janet Spahr, recording secretary.

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April 9, 2014 Meeting Agenda

The next SoSo meeting will be on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at the Bosler Memorial Library in meeting room B at 7 PM.

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

-Approve March’s meeting minutes
-Police Community Crime Report
-Review plans for the Butcher Family Tot Lot work day on Saturday April 26, 2014
-Discuss neighborhood clean-up
-Discuss having a social meet-up with members of Carlisle’s other neighborhood group
-Decide if we want to have a coordinated SoSo yard sale this spring                                 -Any new business

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Butcher Family Tot Lot Landscaping Day

Mark your calenders! On Saturday April 26th we will be meeting at 9 AM in the Butcher Family Tot Lot to landscape the park. We are planning on planting a row of arborvitaes along the fence between the playground and the empty lot next door. We will also be installing a bed around the Tot Lot sign and planting around the entrances. Parks and Recreation is also donating a couple of trees that need to be planted. The more volunteers the better! This is a BYOS party (bring your own shovel), so please come prepared. We will have a few extras for the shovel-less among us though, so don’t let a lack of gardening tools stop you from helping. Hope to see you there!

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March Meeting Agenda and February Minutes

March 12, 2014 Meeting Agenda

The March SoSo meeting will be at the Bosler Library in Meeting Room B at 7 PM on Wednesday March 12, 2014. We will be debating and voting on whether to change to rules to allow additional on-line voting. Currently if SoSo members wish to spend any money the vote has to occur on-line, but all other voting occurs with members present at the meeting. There has been discussion on expanding the on-line voting in an attempt to include more members who are unable to attend SoSo meetings.

We will also be discussing the spring landscaping of the Tot Lot. If anyone would like to make an addition to the meeting agenda ahead of time please e-mail Whitney at amato.whitney@gmail.com

Minutes of SOSO Meeting, February 12, 2014

Meeting was held at Bosler library at 7pm.
Attending were:
David Sheridan, Matt Yanos, Gay Walker, Blake Wilson, Lynn Helding, Annie Oiler, Carlisle Police Officer Darhower
The current SOSO officers attended: President: Whitney Amato
Co-Vice Presidents: Connie Bires and Ann Sheehan
Recording Secretary: Janet Spahr
Membership Secretary: Stephen Hughes

1st on the agenda was a police report from Officer Darhower. High-profile crimes & incidents in our neighborhood have been few in the past month.
The graffiti artist has been caught. The borough has not decided how to prosecute him.
PPL & UGI have had several road closures on the north side of town due to tearing up the street to replace utility infrastructure. Work will continue til March and possibly even til May, due to bad weather slowing progress. The goal is to reduce power outage problems.

The second “flasher” is still at large, with no reports of him to the police in the past month.

The recent drug raid on the 2nd block of W. South St. was asked about. The suspects were dealing drugs, not making drugs. The SRT team used “flash bangs” (which cause ringing in ears & temporary vision impairment) because weapons were a concern. A stolen weapon was recovered. The female suspect, Heidi, was paroled today, February 12th, while Mr. Grosko(?Sp) was paroled Feb. 5th. He was in prison at the time of the raid but had been orchestrating the activity from prison.

Pedro, the only K9 in use in a wide area, is Officer Darhower’s dog. He is 4 yrs. old and has about 5 more working years to go, if he stays healthy. He is very friendly and they use him in many public events as outreach to the community.

Update on the Butcher Family Tot Lot Improvement Project:
Annie discovered that the sign has not yet been paid for. SOSO’s portion of the playground equipment expense has not been paid for either. The DCA is in charge of that, as they been handling our funds for the project.
Annie is not sure what our balance is, but is fairly sure we have enough money to pay for part of the landscaping in the spring. A work date to do the landscaping will be chosen at the March SOSO mtg.    The 4 benches which were donated by Giant have been installed, receiving good reviews by members.

SOSO Bank account:
Antonia Hyde, SOSO treasurer, would like to switch our account to Orrstown Bank so that it is within walking distance for her. Ann Sheehan moved we authorize our treasurer to set up a free checking account for SoSo at Orrstown Bank with the SoSo treasurer and president as authorized signators. Stephen Hughes seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Antonia was not present, but David Sheridan estimated our balance to be approximately $200.00.

SOSO Online Survery results discussed and a partial agenda set for 2014:
(22 people completed/ submitted the survey)
Service events to help neighbors in need were the most popular events “liked” on the survey.
-Community Yard Sale
Stephen Hughes agreed to coordinate a SOSO yard sale. Ann Sheehan will help. The date to hold the event was discussed (May 24th or June 28th) but will be decided upon at a later. Community Aid may possibly pick up any “leftover” items.
-Christmas Caroling
Stephen suggested that people who wish to have carolers come to their house near Christmas could sign up ahead of time. Donations for Project SHARE will be accepted. A date will be chosen closer to the time.
-A spring Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt was considered, as people responded positively on the survey. No one volunteered to chair a committee for the event.
-It was suggested that we should contact the DCA to see if SOSO brochures could be added to their booth information at the Harvest Of The Arts Festival in the fall.
-SOSO will participate in the borough’s spring and fall clean-up events. Dates are not known yet.

-Matt Yanos, who is working on a new website for SOSO, bought a new domain for us:  sosoCarlisle.org  which will cost $11.00 per year. The site is not complete yet, but will be much easier to add special features to.
-Connie Byers agreed to be SOSO’s unofficial SOSO “delegate” to Borough Council monthly meetings. She will keep us up to date on issues relevant to our neighborhood.

On the agenda for the next SoSo mtg.: Proposed changes to SoSo’s by-laws regarding the voting protocol.  We will advertise through emails one more month so that members are thoroughly informed.
New business:
If anyone speaks to someone who is not a member of SoSo but would like to be, you may collect their $5.00 dues “on the spot” and give it directly to Antonia. Please email Stephen: shughes007@comcast.net knows their name and email.

Meeting minutes submitted by Janet Spahr, SoSo Secretary

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February Meeting

The SoSo February Meeting will be on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 7 PM at the Bosler Memorial Library in Meeting Room B.

The agenda includes:

  • Authorizing our treasurer to set up a free checking account for SoSo at Orrstown Bank with the SoSo treasurer and president as authorized signators
  • Reviewing the results of last month’s survey and setting an agenda/schedule for 2014
  • Discussing, and possibly voting on, proposed changes to SoSo’s by-laws regarding the voting protocol

Requests for additions to the agenda can be e-mailed to Whitney at amato.whitney@gmail.com

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January 2014 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 8, 2014 SoSo Meeting Minutes
In attendance:
Whitney Amato
Connie Bires
Stephen Hughes
Antonia Hyde
Steve Morelli
Annie Oiler
Ann Sheehan
David Sheridan
Janet Spahr
Matthew Yanos
Officer Nina Klinger
Michael Heyser, Codes

The first meeting on 2014 was an exciting one.

Officer Andy has changed shifts, so Officer Nina Klinger is our new police liaison. She reminded members that parking rules are enforced every day except for holidays, no matter what the weather. She also said that during daylight hours Carlisle Borough is now responsible for ticketing, not the police. Any questions about parking tickets should directed to the Borough.
In her Carlisle crimes report there was a burglary on N. College Street and some car break-ins on the East and West sides, which were solved, but fortunately there were no recent incidents in our neighborhood. The apartment above the Buzz Express was busted for drugs at the end of last year. http://cumberlink.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/carlisle-apartment-raided-for-drugs/article_33f0f9fa-4e3b-11e3-aa3a-0019bb2963f4.html

And Carlisle had not 1, but 2 flashers out braving the cold. A 78 y/o man was Dillsburg was arrested behind the Pizza Hut on High Street for indecent exposure. http://cumberlink.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/carlisle-man-charged-with-indecent-exposure-at-pizza-hut/article_c4ca562e-5b74-11e3-ad51-0019bb2963f4.html

That same night there was an incident with the younger flasher exposing himself to a mother a daughter. This is the flasher that officer Andy mentioned at the November meeting who has been spotted all over Carlisle. He is still at large, despite the cold weather.

Michael Heyser, a Carlisle Borough Code Administration Officer, also attended the meeting. He states he will plan on attending more meetings so he can be available if neighbors have any codes questions. He reminded everyone to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice or risk a citation. He said a warning letter is usually sent first, then a citation is issued for between $100-1000. He said landlords are often responsible for unshoveled walks, sometimes unknowingly.

Annie, from the Butcher Family Tot Lot Improvement Project, plans to check-in with the DCA to see how much money is left for landscaping after purchasing the equipment and new signs. Yet to be installed are a picnic table and the four benches donated by Giant Food Stores. Landscaping, including tree planting, is slated for early spring. We hope to turn the old green climbing apparatus into a planter. Andrea from Parks and Recreation is aware that it needs to be moved from its current location.

The issue of poor lighting of our sidewalks was raised again with a request to remind SoSo members to leave their porch lights on at night to help light the walkways, especially on blocks where trees block out the overhead street lights. It was suggested that motion sensor lights are easy to install and are not as wasteful because they are only turned on if needed. It was suggested that good lighting helps increase security and safety in our neighborhood, especially when the sidewalks are icy.

The members present elected new officers all with unanimous affirmative votes. The results are as follows:
President: Whitney Amato
Co-Vice Presidents: Connie Bires and Ann Sheehan
Recording Secretary: Janet Spahr
Membership Secretary: Stephen Hughes
Treasurer: Antonia Hyde

After the election we reviewed a survey that will be circulated to all SoSo members in order to help shape our 2014 agenda. In particular we discussed the idea of forming a SoSo welcome committee and formalizing our efforts to help neighbors in need. The importance of posting agendas and e-mail reminders before meetings and minutes afterwards was mentioned. It was also suggested that SoSo bring to the attention of Borough Council the issues of lighting, the problem of abandoned Walmart shopping carts, and neighborhood cleanliness. Suggestions for improving the latter include having community members adopt a block, and reporting codes violations and vacant and unkempt properties.
Voting members also approved a motion to allocate some of SoSo’s funds to purchase a domain name for our website with the hope of creating a better site in order to improve communications.

Members present at the meeting were given copies of the proposed survey and allowed until 1/12/14 to review it to suggest any additional changes. After that, the survey will be distributed to all SoSo members.

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