Minutes of SOSO July 7, 2015 Meeting (non-approved draft)

Minutes Of Carlisle SOSO Meeting

July 7, 2015

The meeting was held at Bosler Free Library, 7pm

Attending were:

Whitney Amato, President

Connie Bires, Co-Vice President

Ann Sheehan, Co-Vice President

Antonia Hyde, Treasurer

Stephen Hughes, Membership

Janet Spahr, Recording Secretary

Carlisle Police Officer Andrew Van Volkenburg

Matt Yanos

Chris Varner, Elm Street Manager for Carlisle

Dave Sheridan

Minutes of last meeting, April 2015, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: account balance is $828.13

Officer Andy gave police update.

Fatal accident on Walnut Bottom Rd. on Saturday, July 4. 29yr old female was killed. Cause of this one car accident is unknown. Driver survived.

Shooting on N. East St. & East North St.  One arrest was made. Police were within 2 blocks when the shooting occurred. The people involved knew each other. A rifle and handgun were on the person arrested. No one was hurt or injured.

A dispatch mtg. was held on Wednesday, July 1st. A lot of bad publicity due to officer concerns and public complaints. The new system has been in place nearly a year now. The police dept. biggest complaint is that there are times that they are in danger more than with the former dispatch system. Call takers send to dispatchers, and some info is lost due to the “middle man”. For instance: A federal agent who was in Carlisle for a mock trial was at the G Man when a fight began. Shots were fired outside the bar. The dispatcher neglected to report that shots were fired and that there was on off-duty officer on the scene, which added a huge amount of danger to the situation. Better training is necessary. 1,500 calls per month from Carlisle have been added to the system, and no new employees have been added (and none planned to be hired in the future.)

2 dispatchers are handling 19 municipal police departments plus sheriffs, etc. Address the county commissioners with concerns about the situation.

7am-11pm is when calls are taken at the Carlisle Police Dept.  (Some calls are still dispatched from the station, in fact.)

Chapel Ave. vandalism issues in the block between Hanover and Pitt Sts. were discussed. Temporary cameras may be installed. Suggestions were made for a speed bump or one way traffic.

Loud car on 100 block of S. Pitt St. was discussed.

Grant application for $250.00 from the borough to SOSO for the year was delivered.

Chris Varner, Elm St. manager, spoke. The Elm St. area (College to East, High St. to A St.) is not within the SOSO boundaries. Elm street project examples: street lights & park planning.  60% of Chris’ time is in Elm St. area, but other neighborhoods can apply for help. DCA acts as the financial sponsor.  105 bird houses to be placed this Saturday.  In future, they will be put up in the spring, taken down in December. CALC partnered with them to paint them. Next year they would like to expand into other neighborhoods with larger bird houses. 20 volunteers needed at Biddle Mission Park at 8am this Saturday.

Smaller projects:

Little Free Libraries. (Holds 25 books, sponsored by Bosler Library.) Take a book, leave a book. Five are planned for so far, decorated by CALC. Cost is approx. $85.00 each. It was suggested that one be placed in the Butcher Family Tot Lot.

Dickinson Clean Up Day: planning session to plan projects for them is July 15th.Dickinson College freshman students will do clean up projects on Friday, August 28th, 1:30-4pm.

Carlisle Urban Redevelopment projects take up the other 40% of Chris’ time. They will be doing carpentry skills training, and making raised beds for Heberlig Park.  Purpose is to help secure employment for “young people of color”.

Chris is coordinating My Brother’s Keeper.

Next Carlisle Neighborhood Alliance mtg. is Wednesday, July 29th, at 6:30pm at John’s Hideaway on N. College St.  SOSO members are welcome to attend.

SOSO decals for windows available for 40 cents each if our group would like to order some. Chris said that the DCA has been talking about doing neighborhood “branding” also.

Saturday September 12th is possible date for SOSO neighborhood party at the Butcher Family Tot Lot.  Need trash containers and someone with a grill. Stephen and Whitney have 3 tables total.  4-7pm. Bring chairs and a dish to share along with your own place settings. Ann Sheehan will talk to someone about music from the Farmers Market. Need volunteers to set up and tear down. Stephen may have a canopy to loan. Face painting and organized children’s activities are optional if someone will organize them. SOSO money can buy drinks. Drink coolers are needed (Stephen & Janet each have one.)

Election of Officers

Dave Sheridan made the motion to reelect the current slate of officers, minus the recording secretary who wishes not to be reelected. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

Annie’s husband is willing to pull up the dead shrubs at the tot lot. The message from the group to him was, “that would be much appreciated!”

Next mtg. is Wednesday, Oct 14th, 7pm, at Bosler Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Spahr

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July SoSo Meeting

The Next SoSo Meeting will be on Tuesday (NOT Wednesday) July 7th at 7 PM at the Bosler Memorial Library in the downstairs meeting room. The agenda is as followed:

-Approve previous meeting’s minutes
-Community Police Report
-Presentation and Q+A on the Downtown Carlisle Association with Chris Varner, the new Elms Street Manager
-SoSo officer elections
-Discussion of the 2015 SoSo block party

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SoSo Meeting

The next SoSo Meeting will be on Tuesday July 7th at 7PM at the Bosler Memorial Library.

Agenda to follow . . .

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April 2015 SOSO Meeting Minutes

Minutes Of SOSO Meeting, April 27, 2015

The meeting was held at Bosler Free Library, 7pm

Attending were:

Carlisle Police Officer Andrew Van Volkenburg

Whitney Amato, President

Connie Bires, Co-Vice President

Antonia Hyde, Treasurer

Janet Spahr, Recording Secretary

Stephen Hughes, Membership Secretary

Dave Sheridan

Matthew Yanos

Minutes of the November 2014 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report: $813.13

Officer Andy gave police report.

Many things going on currently administration-wise in the police force.

2 new police cars in the fleet. (US built Ford Interceptors)

32 officers (one retiring in a few days.)

Officers are still getting used to the new radio system.

Body cameras are planned for the future, but car cameras are being upgraded first.

3 more street cameras are to be installed this year: Letort park, Heberlig park, and one more.

Jessica and Kenny Miller on W Chapel Ave have expressed issues in that alley. Mostly youth problems and drug paraphernalia.

The question was raised about how Home Rule, if passed, would effect the police force. “Issues re: checks and balances are a concern to the force at this point. The thought of police force decisions being made by the Borough Manager causes a bit of concern.” (Officer Andy, speaking from his own point of view.)

Ride Along program has just been offered this week. Little interest so far.

Email Andy or Officer Darhower with any concerns.

Home Rule presentation was given by Dave Sheridan. Flyers with Home Rule information were handed out, with more flyers available through Dave and Antonia. Voting on the proposed Home Rule Charter will be at the May Primary Election, May 19, 2015. Independent voters will have just this one issue to vote on. If passed, Home Rule will be enacted January 2016.

Members update:

SOSO Associate members:110     paid/voting members: 28

Should we have a business membership level for people who have a business here but do not live in our area, so that they could have perks of advertising on our website?

A new Elm Street Manager has been hired by the borough.

Shrubs by the gate of the Butcher Family Tot Lot have died. We still have funds for the Butcher Family Tot Lot available through the Elm Street fund.

Low meeting attendance was discussed:  are there issues in the SOSO area that we don’t know about? Non-attending members are encouraged to speak up through email if you’re not able to get to the meetings.

Next meeting will be held in July, as our meetings are now quarterly. (April, July, October, January.)

Events that need to be considered at next SOSO meeting:

A motion was made, seconded and passed to nominate all existing SOSO officers to serve another year except for the recording secretary, who wishes not to serve another year. This motion will be voted on at the July meeting.

Early fall picnic in the tot lot to be considered, independent of the Walnut Street Party.

Borough clean up days will be managed by Elm Street, and SOSO members will be encouraged to participate. SOSO will not have independent arrangements for the clean up event.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Janet Spahr, Recording Secretary

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SoSo Agenda for Meeting on Monday April 2015

SoSo Agenda for Meeting on Monday April 2015 at 7 PM in                                         Meeting Room A at the Bosler Memorial Library
-Approve previous meeting minutes
-Community police officer report
-Officer nomination (treasurer can’t continue in her position, so we are in need of a new treasurer)
-Home Rule Presentation
-Discuss proposal to allow business membership (time permitting)

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November SOSO Meeting Minutes

Minutes of SOSO Meeting, November 12, 2014

The meeting was held at Bosler Free Library, 7pm

Attending were:

Carlisle Police Officer Andrew Van Volkenburg

Michael Heyser, Borough Codes

Whitney Amato, President

Connie Bires, Co-President

Ann Sheehan, Co-President

Antonia Hyde, Treasurer

Janet Spahr, Recording Secretary

Dave Sheridan

Minutes from the October SOSO meeting were approved.

Our treasurer reported $705.00 in our account.

Police Department News:

There have been two “Distraction Style” burglaries in Carlisle in the past few months. One occurred near Home Depot a couple of weeks ago, where a person posing as a tree trimmer distracted the homeowner outside while a second and possibly third person went into the house to rob valuables. Central PA has been getting hit regularly in this way. Please beware of anyone claiming to be a tree trimmer or utility worker (suggesting there is a water leak or something to get you out of the house.)  White SUV’s, fake badges and bright vests are typically part of the ploy.

Theft of items in cars is way down in the borough.

There has been a squatting issue in vacant houses in the Mooreland area. One on Belvedere, one near Mooreland school. No malicious damage has been done.

carlislepd.com is the new website for the police press release system. Photos of most wanted, arrests, etc. are featured.

The borough police dept. is still getting used to the call system and new record management system.

When making a call to borough Police, you may still use the 243-5252 number.

If you want to talk to a dispatcher but do not need an officer, press 3.

If you are reporting an active crime that needs an officer respond to the scene, press 1 or 2.

Codes Department News:

A new public works director for the borough started his new position this morning. He worked previously with a private engineering firm, and has civil and environmental engineering experience. The former director was let go 4 or 5 months ago.

The house at 139 W Pomfret St. was condemned last January when pipes burst and the interior was flooded. Last month a plumber replaced pipes. There is now electricity, heat and plumbing and the owner may be able to move back in soon.

The building along the alley behind borough hall which the owners had wanted to tear down is now much improved under new ownership.

Other business:

Since there have been no urgent issues facing our neighborhood, and attendance at SOSO meetings is low, we voted to switch to meeting quarterly.

If an issue comes up which requires extra attention, a special meeting will be called.

A motion was made by Ann to postpone SOSO Officer nominations until the next meeting, Wednesday, April 8th. All were in favor, motion passed.

Officer Nominations:

The current SOSO President, Co-Presidents and Treasurer are willing to maintain their positions for another year. The Recording Secretary position is open. Stephen Hughes needs to be asked if he is interested in continuing as Membership Secretary. Anyone wishing to nominate or be nominated for ANY of the positions is welcome to submit such names at the April 8th meeting.

The Home Rule Charter will be signed next Tuesday.   It will be on the ballot in May 2015 primary election.

The April 8th meeting will include discussion on the Home Rule issue. There will be a representative from the Government Study Commission present.

There was a request to SoSo members to leave their porch lights on overnight if possible. People walking after dark can easily trip and fall on narrow and uneven sidewalks. Our neighborhood engineer says that running a 7-watt bulb around the clock for an entire year would cost about $5, so leaving one extra light on is not a big expense. Also, lighting helps to deter crimes.

There was discussion about the expenses for the Block Party, which exceeded the previously approved $200.00.  A motion was made by the treasurer to maintain the prior authorization for a total of $200.00 towards the block party expenses. Motion was approved.

It was suggested that we invite a HARB member to speak at a future SOSO meeting. Mike Heyser will pass along an invitation to the HARB

Meeting adjourned.

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Hello SoSo Members!

Just wanted to send around a quick update of some of the highlights of the November 12, 2014 SoSo meeting.

A motion was passed to delay officer nominations until the SoSo April 8, 2015 meeting, which will be the next time that SoSo meets. There will be no meeting in December, January, February or March. The April 2015 meeting will be a special one because in addition our usual neighborhood police update and to accepting nominations for officers, we will also have a representative from the Government Study Commission there to discuss the Home Rule Charter, which will be on the primary ballot in May 2015. We are hoping for a good turn out, so everyone please mark your calenders now.

Also, we wanted to put out a request to SoSo members to leave their porch lights on overnight if possible. Especially now that it is getting dark earlier and earlier, there are more and more people walking around after dark and the extra light helps prevent tripping and falling over the often narrow and uneven sidewalks. Our neighborhood engineer says that running a 7-watt bulb around the clock for an entire year would only cost about $5, so leaving one extra light on is not a big expense. Also, lighting helps deter crimes. Officer Andy reported that there have been a couple of break-ins with people squatting in vacant for sale homes. So please keep an eye on any empty properties nearby and report any suspicious activity to the police.

Thanks to everyone who helped with SoSo events and meetings this year and please start thinking of what we would like to do as an organization going forward.


Whitney Amato, SoSo President

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