January 9, 2019 SoSo Meeting Agenda

Sorry for the last minute reminder! The next SoSo meeting is on Wednesday, January 9 at 7 PM in the Bolser Memorial Library. We will discuss planning for a spring Annual SoSo Party and a spring clean-up of the Butcher Tot Lot. There will also be an opportunity to bring up any concerns in the neighborhood. All are invited; hope to see everyone there!

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SoSo October 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Officer Mulholan’s police report:
-In response to a question about cars left parked on the street and car maintenance being performed, the the officer states that as long as the car is moved for street cleaning days, it can be left on the street. Residents are allowed to perform car maintenance on the street, but if they leave their tools in the public right of way, the tools can be confiscated. Any cars that aren’t moved can be ticked and eventually booted.
-There was a robbery near Wendy’s. The victim met up with someone to sell their cellphone. However, the kid grabbed the phone and ran. The victim chased down and corned the kid, who then turned and pulled a knife on the victim. The police know who the suspect is and they advise not chasing down a robber yourself, but to the call the police instead.
-In mid September around 10 PM a couple in their late 60s or early 70s was walking down Chestnut Avenue when someone shouted for them to wait up. They stopped and 2 black men walked in front of them and one came up behind them with a gun and demanded that the man hand over his wallet. He complied and the robber took the cash out of the wallet ($6), dropped the wallet, and ran with his 2 accomplices toward the cemetery. The crime is still under investigation. There have not been any other incidents like this in Carlisle. Most robberies around here are targeting individuals involved with drug dealing. The officer advises sticking to well lite areas. He advises calling the Borough if there are any dark areas in need of street lamps; there is still money left in the budget for more lights. S. Bedford just got a new light.
-Carlisle Police Department just hired 3 new officers. All are former military . Two used to be sheriffs and one is a new grad. They should be out on their own in November or December. The police are still down 2-3 officers and one just retired today.
-Vehicles have been broken into on the North and East side of town; the perpetrator is a known suspect
-There was a drug related shooting at Deli-C on West Louther street on Saturday.
-There have been less problems with juveniles in the SoSo neighborhood this past summer. The officer suspects that this is due to one of the ring leaders, a kid who kept getting cited, being moved out of town to his grandparents’ house.
-Elena ran away again, but she is back home now

Mike Heyser, Borough Codes Department:
– Florence Trump’s property was sold at auction for $83,000 to Ron Gross, who is known to rehab homes. Her property has been looking a lot better since her cousin has been taking care of it.
-At the old Tire and Wheel site, 13/52 properties are finished and occupied. A clubhouse is being built as well.
-Codes has requested the Borough Solicitor write an ordinance to grant them the authority to declare a property a public nuisance and allow them to go into or to hire someone to go into the property to clean it. The work will be paid for by placing a lien against the property. This is do deal with 100 W. Pomfret. The house next door was unable to sell because of this property and it is attracting rats. The house was almost put up for a public sale, but someone from the owner’s church bailed her out.
-On April 1st the rain water fee starts based on the amount of impermeable surface on a property. It can be negated by taking actions such as using a rain barrel.

SoSo business:
A reminder to residents as the days get shorter, to please turn on their porch lights.
-Someone believes the garage lights that shine into the Butcher Tot Lot are on motion sensors.
-There are now 400 SoSo members
-Minutes from the July meeting were approved.
-We will postpone the annual SoSo party to early spring. Planning will begin at the January SoSo meeting.
-Trick or Treat will be on October 31st from 6-8 PM.

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October 2018 Meeting Agenda

The next SoSo meeting is Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7 PM in a meeting room in the Bosler Memorial Library. We will vote to approve the last meeting’s minutes and we will have a police report and codes report from our community police officers and from Mike Heyser from the Borough’s codes department if they are available. We will follow-up on the Friday, August 31st Dickinson volunteer work day in the Butcher Family Tot Lot. We will also discuss and set a date for our annual SoSo party in the Butcher Family Tot Lot, which is being postponed from October to the spring of 2019. There will also be time open for any new issues. All neighbors are invited to attend!

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July 11, 2018 SoSo Meeting Minutes

-The minutes from the prior meeting were approved.

-We discussed the park clean-up. Everything was still wet on the rain date, so we pulled the weeds from the mulch and the gardens around our signs. Some seeds and bulbs were planted in the gardens as well. The benches were too wet and the turn out was too low to paint the picnic tables. We propose having the Dickinson freshman volunteers scrape and paint the 2 green picnic tables in the Butcher Family Tot Lot on their service day. It is scheduled for Friday, August 31st from 3-5 in the afternoon. If you are available to hand out and collect supplies and to supervise a small group of students that day, please e-mail me at amato.whitney@gmail.com. If we don’t have someone from the community there, we cannot have the student volunteers come to work.

-Having the meeting in the neighborhood at the park did not improve the low meeting turnout we have been experiencing.

-There seem to be less problems with the juvenile delinquents in the park this summer compared to last. The usual group of young people did have a fight a few months ago on Willow Street. They were caught on camera chasing a kid, but they were smart enough to beat him up out of sight of the neighbor’s security camera.

-We will tentatively plan to have the annual SoSo Neighborhood Party on Sunday, October 14th in the afternoon. We are in need of volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up and with running games for the kids. If anyone is musically talented and would like to perform during the event, that is always appreciated as well. Anyone who would like to help out should email Whitney at amato.whitney@gmail.com. The event is a fun and causal way to meet your neighbors and to put a face the the Nextdoor postings, so please mark your calendars!

-It was reported that recently there were 600 raids across the east coast for selling prescription drugs. Ten of those raids were at residents in Cumberland and Perry Counties, including one home on S. Pitt St.

-Florence Trump’s cousin and her lawyer are hoping that she will soon be named executor of Florence’s estate. If all goes well, the plan is to auction off Florence’s house, car, and everything in the house by the end of August. Florence lived at 35 Walnut St. and her property backs up to the Butcher Family Tot Lot along the side with the little Bosler Library and the spring turtle and chipmunk equipment.

Mike Heyser from the Carlisle Borough Codes Department:

-Advance Disposal has been less lenient about what they will accept for trash and recycling pick-up since they were penalized by the Borough for not doing their job. They are more strictly adhering to the rules of the contract. They will no longer pick up bags weighing over 40 lbs and they will only take 1 bulk item a week. They will still not pick up electronics, especially TVs. These items must be disposed of at the recycling center. It costs $0.50 per lb at the county recycling center on Claremont Rd to dispose of an old TV. The price will only go up, so it is better to dispose of these items sooner. Mike issued two warnings in 1 week in June about TVs on the cub only to come back and find that the residents had moved the TVs tin front of their neighbors house instead of disposing of them. Advance Disposal is also checking recycling bins more closely and they will not pick up bins containing non-recyclables such as pizza boxes or plastic bags. Plastic bags can be recycled at local retailers such as Giant. They will take clean paper products such as cardboard that didn’t directly touch food, magazines, and newspapers. Carlisle is in the 2nd year of its second 3 year contract with Advance Disposal. The issues with the contractor seem to have mostly cropped up in the last 6 months. The company has recently taken on several new contracts with other boroughs and they now complain that they don’t have the equipment or manpower to keep up.

-As part of the the LeTort interceptor project, sewer lines in Carlisle are getting replaced and relined. The work is slated to start in the north-east section of town in the fall and within a year or so they should be working in our neighborhood.

-The rule for hedges is that they should not be overgrown onto the sidewalk. Some allowances have been made for very wide sidewalks. A complaint was lodges that there are bushes making it hard for kids to bike or scooter to Mooreland elementary down Walnut St.

-People looking for a safe place off of the roads to bicycle can try the Rail Trail from Newville to Shippensburg. The borough also has a map of the bicycling trails in town. The one behind the middle school and the one behind behind the Dickinson Fields both are off of the street.

The next SoSo meeting will be on Wednesday, October 10th at 7 PM at the Bosler Memorial Library in one of the meeting rooms.

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Agenda July 11, 2018 SoSo meeting

The next SoSo meeting is Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 7 PM. Weather permitting, we will hold it in the Butcher Family Tot Lot at the picnic tables under the big tree. If it is too hot or wet, we will meet in the Bosler library instead. I will post on Nextdoor and on https://sosocarlisle.wordpress.com/ by 5:30 on Wednesday if we are moving indoors.  We will vote to approve the last meeting’s minutes and we will have a police report and codes report from our community police officers and from Mike Heyser from the Borough’s codes department if they are available. We will follow-up from the spring clean-up and decide if we want to finish the job in the fall or with the Dickinson freshman volunteers if that program is still running. We will also discuss and set a date for our annual fall SoSo party in the Butcher Family Tot Lot. There will also be time open for any new issues. Hope to see everyone there!

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April 25, 2018 SoSo Meeting

-Minutes approved from the March 2018 SoSo meeting

-Florence Trump of 35 Walnut St. died on March 19th. Information on services to follow.


Police Officer Report from Officer Mulhollan:

-Carlisle police and drug enforcement have issued 29 warrants, 27 which have already been served, to low and high level drug dealers.

-It suspected that there is a house dealing drugs in the SoSo neighborhood. Information noted by SoSo members will be passed to the drug detective.

-The police have been driving by M+Z more often since the report of drug activity that was given at the last SoSo meeting

-There was a break-in at M+Z. Two men used the pole next to the building to climb onto the roof and they were squatting in storage unit on the second floor.

-The officer warned SoSo members that empty houses like unoccupied rentals or houses for sale are potential targets for break-ins and squatters, who tend to be adults looking for a place to sleep/live.

-An unlocked car was broken into on the 200 block of W. Ridge St, but nothing was taken. Keep car doors locked and valuables out of site. Criminals will break windows if they see a purse on a seat. It may also be a good idea to bring garage door openers into the home so that a criminal can’t use it to gain access to your home.

-The officer will request increased patrols around the Butcher Family Tot Lot now that the weather is getting nicer. Please report people in the park after dark and any juveniles out after curfew (after 10 for 16 and under and after 11 for 17 year olds). A paper trail is kept of every time the police interact with a juvenile and that information is used to make determinations for their sentencing. The new owner of the Tritt garages near the park has fixed the lights that shine into the park, which will hopefully help deter crime.

-The officer warned that with more people walking around in warmer weather, neighbors should be wary of package theft. He encourages residents to have packages require a signature or to have packages dropped off at side doors or in backyards.

-Carlisle Police have had body cameras since November. There has been a bit of a learning curve, but so far they have been pleased with them. They are getting in the habit of turning their cameras on before engaging in certain situations. The cameras help improve compliance and tends to help people cal down when they know that they are being recorded.

-The 4/23/18 opioid session the police gave out pamphlets with information on things like symptoms of overdose. There is immunity for anyone who calls in an overdose and for the victim. Overdose victims are not required to go to rehab, they are just sent to a hospital after Narcam is administered. There is a new opioid reporting system called ODIN (http://www.media.pa.gov/Pages/Health-Details.aspx?newsid=487) to help police track where heroin is coming from, whether it contains Fentanyl. The databse is still getting built, so the system is not yet fully implemented.

-Old pills/medications can be disposed of in a drop-box at the police station. Please do not dispose of needles there.

Meeting with the police chief:

-We would like to have a small delegation of SoSo members meet with the new police chief. We would like to discuss issues of concern to SoSo. We also discussed whether we would like to formally become a neighborhood watch. We are looking into have 2 Neighborhood Watch signs made and installed in the Butcher Family Tot Lot.

Spring Park Clean-Up:                                                                                                                  -The clean-up of the Butcher Family Tot Lot will be from 9-10:30 on Saturday, May 19th. Volunteers are encouraged to bring cuttings from their garden to plant at the park. Usually there is also mulch to spread, weeds to pull, and trash to pick up. Please bring your own tools if you have them (rakes, shovels, gloves), but extras are usually available available.

SoSo Treasurer report: SoSo has $1086 in its account. The PayPal account has brought in $155 so far.

The next SoSo meeting will be on July 11th at the Bosler Memorial Library.

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SoSo Meeting on Wednesday, April 25th at 7 PM

The next SoSo meeting will be on Wednesday, April 25th at 7 PM in a meeting room at the Bosler Memorial Library. We will going over the community police report, create an agenda for meeting with the police chief, follow-up on the neighborhood watch signs, and finalize our plans for the May 19th or 20th spring clean up. Please join us!

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