February 8, 2017 SoSo Meeting Agenda

The next SoSo meeting will be on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 7 PM at the Bosler Memorial Library upstairs in meeting room C. This is a make-up meeting to replace the missed January meeting.

-Update on winter membership drive
Create 2017 Budget
-Discuss survey of neighborhood concerns/issues and SoSo outreach
-Discuss improving the Butcher Family Tot Lot (ie, pavilion, bulletin board, sports wall, more benches, community garden, etc)
-Coordinate spring park work day/Dickinson Day of Service
– Brainstorm ideas of names to submit for the unnamed alley along the Butcher Family Tot Lot

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October 12, 2016 SoSo Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2016 SoSo Meeting Minutes
-Minutes from the July 2016 meeting were approved
Police report:
– A suspect from the Dairy Queen robbery was arrested, he is also accused of forgery
– The murder at the Legion is still under investigation, but the police are getting Crime Watch tips
-There have been reports in Carlisle of someone dressing up as a clown and jumping out to scare people, which is considered disorderly conduct. A victim fell over and was hurt. The clown is reported to be wearing a clown mask with orange hair. It may be part of the national social media trend involving individuals dressed as clowns threatening to kidnap children and teachers. It started on the West Coast and has moved east.
-Home break in on 400 block of Arch Street bt the YMCA: AC unit remove and suspect entered the home in daylight through the back and stole 2 laptops, a camera, and $200 cash. This type of crime is usually performed on unsecured window AC units which can provide easy entrance to a home. Suspects have been known to knock on the door to see if anyone is home. If someone answers, they will usually come up with a flimsy question for the home’s resident.
-Stolen items are sometimes sold at the local pawn shops, such as the ones on Hanover street. Fortunately, both of those shops take IDs and phone numbers from all sellers.
-In response to the episodes of book burning in the Butcher Family Tot Lot, the police have been running extra patrols in the area. Residents should call the police if they see anyone hanging in the park at night.
-There are still reports of criminals checking car doors and entering and robbing unlocked cars or cars with visible bags or laptops left in them.
-The police have been testing different brands of body cameras and are still deciding which vendor to use. They are also still working on finding a new police chief
Annual SoSo Neighborhood Party:
-Plan to order 26 piece wrap tray from Southside Deli for $64.99, get tablecloths, drinks, prizes, and supplies for games. The expenses need to be sent for an electronic vote for approval
-Different fall themed games were discussed and the group present at the meeting decided on three games. The first is a Harvest Dash relay race in which 2 teams of kids line up to take turns scooping up bird seed and running it down to dump in their teams bucket. First team to fill their bucket wins. The group also decided to have tic-tac-toe with a board drawn in chalk and mini pumpkins and gourds used as the pieces. The third game was a ring toss with 3 different size pumpkins worth different points as the targets.

-There were volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up
Borough Council news:
Connie Bires, our borough council woman, announced that the next Borough Council meeting would concern the budget season and there is also an upcoming employees relation and community participation meeting, and discussion on the ethics ordinance
Light up the Dark Nights:
There was a request to remind us all that keeping porch lights on at night costs next to nothing, but is vital for public safety. Many residents have difficulties navigating Carlisle’s uneven sidewalks in the dark and a friendly porch light could aid their safe trip home, especially as the days get shorter. There was some discussion about types of public street lighting used in other communities including gas and solar.
SoSo membership and outreach:
-Reminder that it is still $5 annually to be a voting member, which allows a voice in all matters decided on by SoSo. Sign-up now and the cost will include the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017.
-There was discussion of putting up door hangers in the spring of 2017 to help spread awareness of our organization as many neighbors are still not aware of SoSo
Unnamed Alley:
-The idea to have a SoSo contest to propose a name to the Borough Council for the unnamed alley along the Butcher Family Tot Lot was discussed. Carlisle allows names for unnamed streets to be proposed every March. It was decided to contemplate this proposal and to act on it further at the next SoSo meeting on January 11, 2017.
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2016 SoSo Neighborhood Party

Everyone is invited to the annual SoSo Neighborhood Party
on Saturday, Ocpumpkin-art-autumn-pumpkin-clip-art-1-yneidf-cliparttober 15th from 4-7 PM at the Butcher Family Tot Lot between Chestnut Ave and School Ave. Wraps from the Southside Deli and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Please bring a dish to share. There will be fall themed activities for kids. Come out and share a fun evening with your neighbors!
Hope to see everyone there!
Join us on Nextdoor.com

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October 2016 SoSo Meeting

Please join us at the Bosler Memorial Library meeting room at 7 PM on Wednesday October 12, 2016 for our quarterly SoSo meeting. We will be discussing the upcoming SoSo Neighborhood Party and naming of the alley near the Butcher Family Tot Lot, as well as having officer nominations.
Please contact me with any requests for the agenda.
Everyone is welcome!

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Wednesday July 13, 2016 SoSo Meeting Minutes

-A motion was made and approved to approve the minutes from the April meeting.
Officer Andy’s report:
-Andy was promoted to corporal and his schedule is no longer compatible with his community policing duties. Once the new officers have completed their training, it should free up their trainers to do more community outreach. Andy plans on training Officer Mulhollan or Officer Hanner to replace him so that they will understand what information they can share with the neighborhood groups.
-There is a new vacancy since our last meeting and they are hoping to fill it with an officer who is already certified versus someone that has to go through the academy
-The DOJ is reviewing Carlisle Police Department’s application for body cameras
-They are down to 10 candidates that are being interviewed for the position of police chef
-Police are still investigating last months’ homicide in the American Legion across from Memorial Park, but they believe that it was a targeted killing
– There is a known wanted suspect in the strong arm robbery near the high school
-One of the most prevalent types of thief in Carlisle is return fraud committed by heroin addicts, usually at Walmart. The scheme involves stealing merchandise and returning it in exchange for gift cards which are sold for cash.
-A suspect was never apprehended in our neighborhood’s vehicle break-in, but the robberies stopped when someone was arrested for another crime
-Recently a package was stolen from someone’s front step on S. Pitt Street, opened, and then dumped in another neighbor’s yard. Officer Andy encourages residents to have packages delivered to side doors to prevent crime of opportunity and to report all theft to the police to help them identify if there is a pattern, an area being targeted.

Mike Heyser, Codes Officer:
-Mike checked in to see if there are any code issues in SoSo. He states this time of year there is the annual battle with residents over sidewalk weeds
-It was noted that the junk on the street on South St between Pitt and West St has improved
-Mike reminded everyone that trash must be stored at least 10 feet away from the curb
-There was personal trash thrown in the Butcher Family Tot Lot trash cans just before the Fourth of July weekend. Public works removed it, but it is considered theft of services and should be reported to the police

Grant Money:
-We discussed uses for last year’s $250 grant and proposals for this year’s grant application which is due at the end of July
-Last meeting the consensus was to use the money to buy a notice board for the park, but the cost of a board with a post exceeds that amount. Consideration was given to combining 2 years worth of grant money in order to make the purchase. There was no support for donating the money to support the next round of Little Bolser Libraries
-There was discussion on purchasing neighborhood banners similar to the vertical vinyl banner outside of CALC. There have been proposals in the past for each neighborhood to have banners marking neighborhood pride. There was more preference for banners than for individual window decals

-Noted that a Public Works employee was seen collecting shopping carts to return to Walmart and that Walmart does not seem to make any effort to prevent the carts from leaving their property. It was speculated as to whether a fine or penalty could be imposed on Walmart.
-Reminder that the 2016 Household Hazardous Waste Drop off is on August 20th. More information on time, location, and materials are allowed can be found online at: https://www.ccpa.net/3499/2016-HHW-Drop-Off-Event
-Dickinson’s Freshman Day of Service is looking for projects for their freshman volunteers. It was proposed to see if we can get Parks and Recreation to provide more mulch for the Butcher Family Tot Lot and have the student volunteers spread it. Whitney emailed Andrea at Parks and Recreation about a missing bolt on the equipment and the loose park benches, so Andrea added it to Public Work’s job list.

Connie Bires, Borough Council:
-Reminder of July 14, 2016 Borough Council meeting, the agenda is posted online
-A current issue of interest is an anti-discrimination ordinance that is going for a vote to ratify the initial review the solicitor provided to the draft ordinance at the July 14th Borough Council meeting
There will be a public meeting on it on July 28th
-The ordinance will add LGBT as a protected class in Carlisle, since they are not covered under the states anti-discrimination ordinance. It also proposes creating a committee of volunteers to mediate and issue punishments to employers who violate the ordinance.

Neighborhood Party:
-It was decided to hold another annual SoSo Neighborhood Party with a tentative date set for the first weekend in October. Information will come around for a vote on a budget after reviewing last year’s expenses

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July SoSo Meeting Agenda

The Next SoSo meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at
7 PM at 229 S. Pitt Street, please use the side door along Chestnut Avenue. A library meeting room was not available for this meeting. Our October meeting will be back in our usual room in the library.
The agenda items include:
-Police crime/safety report and police updates
-DCA updates
-Update on a bulletin board for the Tot Lot
-Discussion of our 2016 Carlisle Borough grant application
-Discussion of the purchase of window decals to help brand our neighborhood
-Planning 2016 Annual SoSo Neighborhood Party

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Wednesday April 13, 2016 SoSo Meeting

Wednesday April 13, 2016 SoSo Meeting
-January 2016 meeting minutes were approved
-Butcher Family Tot Lot clean-up scheduled on 4/16 as well as the installation of our park’s Little Bosler Free Library, which is a read and return system. More information on the program can be found at: http://cumberlink.com/news/local/communities/carlisle/bosler-set-to-open-free-libraries/article_5ee1eabf-7a84-5359-a5eb-b6e137eec705.html

Chris Varner, the Elm Street Manager’s report:
-has gloves and supplies for neighbourhood clean-ups, prefer to have different neighbourhood groups on different days since he can’t be in more than one place at once
-Plans to relaunch the Three Minutes Thursday initiative for neighbours to spend a few minutes every Thursday picking up trash in front of their homes in order to keep our neighbourhoods looking clean. People can post pictures of themselves picking up trash on LoveCarlisle’s Facebook each week to enter a drawing for a $10 giftcard
-On Friday May 20th at Biddle Mission park they are teaming up with United Way for a Take to the Street night with games and an outdoor showing of “Inside Out”. There are tentative plans to do other movie nights depending on how this event goes. It is expensive ($570) to pay for licensing fees and it has been hard to find sponsors.
-Home Tweet Home has been sponsored by Howard Hanna Real Estate this year and they are planning on having second graders in the borough help paint the 1500 bird houses. There will also be a painting event at CALC.
-Carlisle won the Strongest Town competition. Hear Chris Varner and Brenda Landis on the podcast at: http://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2016/3/31/vote-for-the-strongest-town-championship-round
-The Elm Street program loses its state funding at the end of June 2016. Chris is looking into alternative funding

Officer Andy’s police report:
-Officer Andy VanVolkenburg and Officer Simon Jackson were promoted to Corporals, but Officer Andy plans to continue to act a as community liaison
-Issues such as privacy were discussed at the Public Safety Meeting on body worn cameras. Some preliminary guidelines include not filming inside a home without permission, unless it is park of an active chase
-A trial run of the Taser cameras is planned. The goal is to equip every officer by the end of the year. The Department of Justice grant pays for the cameras, but not for the cost of data storage and equipment upkeep
-Chris Varner pointed out that there are statistics stating that there is a 60% drop in the use of force when police wear body cameras and 90% of the time cameras support the police officer in a dispute. It was speculated that the cost of litigation may decrease with the use of cameras
-Officer Andy states that the Carlisle police has a good records of winning most of the cases against the department, except for one involving the use of a Taser against a diabetic having a seizure
-Three new police officers were hired, including 2 new graduates. Their training is expected to be complete by August, which means that the Carlisle Police force should have its full complement of 31 officers
-Alleys such as Conway and Mooreland have had episodes of someone checking cars to see if they are unlocked and then robbing the open vehicles. There are not been any recent home burglaries.

Connie Bires, SoSo co-VP and Borough Council member:
-The borough council is having Carlisle’s water and sewer lines checked and fixed, some are from 1917! Residents will be offered to have their lateral lines checked as well, but they will be required to pay for any fixes that are needed
-Connie offered to look into the process for naming the alley next to the Butcher Family Tot Lot that runs parallel to School Street and is between Chestnut Avenue and  Walnut Street
-There is a Borough Council meetings scheduled for 4/14/16 at 7 PM
-Carlisle Borough receives an annual allocation from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Community Development Block Grant Program (http://cchra.com/program/individual/community-development-block-grants). Carlisle Borough is discussing having the unused money from prior year reallocated.

Butcher Family Tot Lot:
-Discussed work day. Connie will bring plastic bags and take leaves to the compost facility. Whitney will pick up donuts and coffee and will email Andrea to confirm when the mulch is being delivered.
-Whitney to email Andrea about installing an information bulletin in the park using SoSo’s grant money that we received from the Borough Council last year.
-Stephen Hughes is still interested in ordering window decals to help brand the neighbourhood and to promote community unity

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